Summer 2019

Chloe had a great time and learned so many new drills that she had never done.

A very beneficial experience

Lorna, South Africa

Athlete testimonial:
"I had a great time with my friends. I would do it next year too. I know the camp will help me to become a better player.

Rafa, Gainesville Florida

Parent testimonial:
As a parent I was very pleased with the experience our son Rafael had. He got to meet people from different countries and be coached by people from other countries too. I know the camp help him to learn strategies that he will definitely use in the game/pool. The coches are very experienced and had good dynamics with the kids. Hope this camp continues for many years. We would like to give a BIG thanks to all the coaches and all the people that helped make this camp a success. It takes a lot of time and effort, THANK YOU!!"

Lourdes, Gainesville Florida

I had a great time a learned a lot of new things that improved my game.

Charlie, Memphis Tennessee

Overall it was a lot of fun. I learned at lot from all the coaches and other players and made lots of new friends. It’s definitely an experience I won’t

I really learned a lot and appreciate all of the coaches for being there and helping. It was also really cool to meet so many new people from all over the

Molly, Winter Park Florida

I went into camp with only a few months of waterpolo experience and by the end I felt a lot more confident with my skill set. The coaching staff is so
fun and I would love to train with them again.

Zoe, Honolulu Hawaii

It was really fun, more fun than I have had playing water polo in a while.
I had a lot of fun being at the camp and the coaches were great.

Cecilia, Bellevue Washington

Thank you very much to all University of Florida & BIWPA waterpolo camp coaches! Nicholas improved his waterpolo skills significantly and he
became much more motivated. Thank you very much again!!! Wish all the best!!! Best regards,

Olga & Mike, Maretta Georgia

It was good to receive the social media updates and pictures during the week.
It was a good learning experience, it was fun. My son said this is his favorite water polo pool in Florida.

Sean, Orlando Florida

My son Montana said it was the best camp that he had ever been to and definitely wants to come back next year!

Mike, Marietta Georgia

Thank you for providing safe food for my allergic daughter to eat. She said the dining hall was great with lots of options for her. Even vegan brownies!

Kimberly, Memphis Tennessee