GWP Welcomes, Program Coordinator

Gator Water Polo, Gainesville Florida

Moving back after 18 years in Spain was bittersweet. Saying goodbye to family and friends was really hard. Finally being closer to family and friends State-side was awesome. One tough decision was taking our son away from his water polo club in Madrid. He started playing with them when he was 9 years old. The kids, coaches and parents were family, so that was bitter. However, finding Gator Water Polo (GWP) here was sweet. The kids and coaches on the Silver team took my son in as one of their own from day one. Getting involved in the Orange / Blue teams has allowed me to meet enthusiastic parents and their kids. They make me feel at home. I’m really excited to help build GWP internationally and here in Gainesville, but I’m especially happy to have found such a wonderful water polo family again. Very sweet indeed.